Knocking out oysters

We have started investigating anesthesia so that oysters can be temporally sampled.

From Katie's Notebook

November 19, 2012

Today I am finally trying to anesthetize the oysters.
Deviations from method:
I used 3 liters of seawater and 150.24g MgCl2.
I chose oysters that were approximately the same size. I will be taking their mass, height, and width after they are anesthetized or after 6 hours.
The oysters were put into the water at 10:15 AM.
I took water from the trash cans.

Oysters were removed at 3:30 PM. All three of them have opened up (probably about 1/2 inch or so). We put them back into the regular tank. Over the next few days we will see if they recover and how they act compared to the other, untreated oysters.