Oyster and photoperiod: the paper

Bradley Chi's Capstone research paper on the "Effects of photoperiod and mechanical stress on Olympia oyster physiology" is now available for review. If you are so inclined you can make inline comments.

[Access the research paper.]

From the Conclusions:

Although limited in certain aspects, this study found two important implications in O. lurida growth physiology and restoration efforts. First, photoperiod may have a significant impact on stress and growth rate of O. lurida with longer photoperiods being able to increase growth. Second, mechanical stress may also stimulate growth under conditions in which O. lurida is relatively unstressed. Both of these findings are based on gene expression and confirmation by longer studies would be ideal. If valid, results could be implemented into O. lurida hatchery settings, or other aquaculture areas to improve growth rate. Any increases in growth efficiency may significantly boost O. lurida ability to compete with other oyster species in the region and restore populations to sustainable levels. 

Here is a figure from the manuscript

Chi Figure