Just Relaxing...

An update from Katie's Notebook

I am continuing work today with relaxing the oysters.
There are 3 oysters in 50g/L MgSO4 There are 5 oysters in 70g/L MgCl2 There is also a 1:1 ratio of salt/fresh water to control for salinity. After 30 minutes, 1 oyster was semi-relaxed in MgSO4, It would stay open after being touched and handled underwater, but when I took it out of the water it would close instantly. I don't know if that has to do with the mass of the shell or if it was not completely relaxed yet. I left it in the water for another hour and was in the same state at that time. I took it out and put it into the fresh water. At the hour and a half checkpoint, 1 other MgSO4 and 1 MgCl2 were also in that "semi-relaxed" state. At two hours, I removed all of the oysters and put them into clean saltwater. MgSO4 oysters are all labeled with red nail polish, MgCl2 are unlabeled.