The Olympia oyster (Ostrea lurida) is the only native oyster on the west coast of the US.

State of the Project Hangout!

On Wednesday March 26th at 11am US Pacific Time we held meeting to discuss the status of our multi-partner project entitled, "Alleviating Regulatory Impediments To Native Shellfish Aquaculture".

Below is a video recording of our livestream and slidedeck.

Alleviating Regulatory Impediments To Native Shellfish Aquaculture

Our approach is to simultaneously address local adaptation in three genetically differentiated populations of Olympia oysters by evaluating genotype-by-environment interactions. We will reciprocally transplant seed produced from wild parents collected from contrasting environments into all environments. This very large reciprocal transplant experiment can test for a home field advantage in survival, maturation and growth in Olympia oysters. The overall goals of this project are to increase our knowledge of local adaptation in Olympia oysters to address concerns that interbreeding between potentially maladapted cultured and wild stocks could negatively impact wild populations. Accordingly, in order to attain these goals, the specific objectives of this proposal are to 1) Evaluate fitness components and performance of seed from different origins in a reciprocal transplant experiment and 2) Characterize genetic and epigenetic markers associated with oysters from different origins in a reciprocal transplant experiment.


Check out our wiki and Jake's Notebook for up to date data and more details.

Genomic Resources


O.lurida transcriptome version3 [10/13]

O.lurida transcriptome version2

O.lurida transcriptome version1

Genomic Sequence

Draft Scaffolds - PacBio Run



Timmins-Schiffman EB* Friedman CS, Metzger DC, White SJ and Roberts SB. (2013) Genomic resource development for shellfish of conservation concern. saved Molecular Ecology Resources. doi:10.1111/1755-0998.12052

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