Some raw HTS data available from the Roberts Lab. Contact us for more details. 

Preliminary Phase: Aggregating Datasets

Using SQLShare as a platform we have already begun to aggregate and format data. Anyone can view (and contribute) using the tag "qdod".  Below is a table describing some of the relevant datasets. "Snapshot" provides you with a screenshot of the data in SQLShare and "Direct Link" brings you directly to the data in SQLShare. You can also open the table in a new webpage.

Click here to see a schematic representation of the types of data and respective relationships. Please contact us if you have any suggestion or would like to help work on the project.


SQLShare Queries and Actions


Ready to jump right in? 

You can access and query all the data listed above (as well as your own) using SQLShare. All you need is a Google account to log in.   To get started, just paste the code below into a "New query" and then "Run Query". This will give you information for genes with growth in the GO term.  You can edit the term accordingly and that is where the fun begins.

SELECT CGI_ID,evalue,Description,SPID,GOID,term,GOSlim_bin
FROM [sr320@washington.edu].[qDOD_Cgigas_GO_GOslim]

Where term LIKE '%growth%'

SQLShare Tutorials

A wiki is also currently under development where we have provided information on basic queries as well as detailed workflows.